5 Beauty Travel Essentials for Summer

Are you planning any trips this summer?  If you’re anything like me you just wanna get out of the office and want to spend some carefree downtime in the sun and by the water.  When I travel for fun, I tend to also be carefree in my packing (read: lazy) but there are a few beauty products I never, ever travel without.

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3 steps to your best skin

There are so many companies that make promises their products just can’t keep.  So how do you reach your skin’s most beautiful potential?  It’s really pretty easy… 3 steps easy.

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Creamy Anti-Aging Eye Concealer

Do you love creamy eye concealer?  Do you love Biofond?  Did you know there is an easy way to create a creamy anti-aging eye concealer that will not only help to conceal uneven skintone, dark circles and hyper-pigmentation but will also work to fight signs of fine lines and wrinkles?

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Highlight & Contour

Highlighting and contouring is certainly having it’s moment in the makeup spotlight.  These techniques however have been around for many decades and are considered standard techniques for Makeup Artists.

Highlighting includes using a lighter color than your standard foundation shade to help mask or conceal imperfections in the skin.  Contouring is using the illusion of shadows on the skin to help create definition.

Multi-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.

Highlighter – The smooth, creamy consistency of this concealer blends perfectly with fair and medium BioFond Foundation colors! Use Highlighter to help conceal dark circles, splotchy skin, imperfections or age spots.  Lightly dab Highlighter, using a small, dense brush, your ring finger or flocked sponge, onto the areas of concern and then follow with your regular Bio Fond Foundation color.  Beautiful, natural coverage!

Lilac – This striking light purple concealer will actually set as a porcelain hue once applied to your skin.  This allows your skin additional cover-up for highly pigmented skin spots, scars or bruises.  Lilac will also help to counteract yellow undertones.  This highly demanded concealer will blend effortlessly with your regular Bio Fond Foundation makeup, giving you an even, natural looking skin tone.

Shader  – help define your face by contouring with the color Shader.  Contouring is a trick commonly used by make up artists to make a nose or chin appear smaller, a face to look skinnier or even to hide a double chin!

BF Concealer Group Image 2For more information visit our website, call us at 1.800.282.3223, email us at Info (at) GSskincare.com, or join us on Facebook!

Bio-Blends Palettes with NEW Mini Bio-Fond Makeup Pans

A few months ago we released the new Bio-Blends Makeup Artist Palettes – and you loved them!  But you asked for one more thing… Mini-Pan sizes!

We are so excited to let you know we have them now!  These Bio-Fond Mini-Pan’s have 3 grams of Bio-Fond Makeup and are the perfect size for concealers & blush!

bbp minipans

Mini-Pans pictures above, along the left edge: (top) Lilac, (middle) Highlighter, (bottom) Bio-Blush. 

Three Mini-pans fit snugly along the edge, between your full size Bio-Fond Makeup Pans and the edge of the magnetic palette case.  Ideal for the colors you use less of but that are still so important for your clients – Concealers, Bio-Blush, Bronzers.

The Bio-Blends Makeup Artist Palettes are a Professional Only product.  Please call us at 1-800-282-3223 to order yours.

Spring Makeup – Biofond Foundation

Have you picked up your April copy of Skin Inc magazine?  This months Spring Makeup feature includes the Foundation of the Year: Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup.

bio fond dlx mr bx 2 small

Bio-Fond Foundation is a mineral cream-to-powder formula that protects against UVA and UVB rays, while allowing skin to breathe and helping heal problem skin without clogging pores.

You can also check out the entire digital version of Skin Inc online.

Bio-Fond Foundation is a pharmaceutical grade foundation makeup that is actually the third and final step in your healthy skincare routine.  This moisture based, natural mineral formula not helps to balance the even appearance of your skin but also helps to hydrate and protect the skin.  Check out this article for more on the Bio-Fond Foundation.

For more information about the GS line of products call us at 1-800-282-3223, visit us online, find us on Facebook and join us on Twitter!

Makeup Artist Tina Earnshaw shares her secrets from sets Titanic, Spiderman2 and Ever After

Tina Earnshaw is a favorite Hollywood Makeup Artist who has worked on the sets of big movies like Titanic, Prometheus, MammaMia, Ever After, Spiderman 2 and Sliding Doors.

Titanic Prometheus Spider-Man 2 Ever After: A Cinderella Story

She is now working on the set of Exodus, due out in 2014, starring Christian Bale.  For this film Tina requested her more of her favorite foundation, Bio-Fond Foundation by Gerda Spillmann.

Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup has been a staple in my kit for many years.  I love this is cream-to-powder finish makeup for the variety of colors, the consistent quality and the beautiful, flawless finish it gives anyone I apply it on.  No matter the skin condition, skin problem or even the occasional blemish Bio-Fond Foundation has performed perfectly! My talent loves it because one application lasts for hours, even in the worst conditions, it gives them physical sun block protection and makes them look stunning in front of High-Definition cameras.  Bio-Fond Foundation has been and will remain a constant companion in my makeup artist kit. 

Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup is a cream-to-powder foundation that derives its color from natural clays, has physical sun block protection (not chemicals), has the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence award and meets the highest standards of the industry.  Check out all 21 Colors of the Bio-Fond Foundation here and call 1-800-282-3223 for samples.

tina earnshaw

For more information on Tina’s favorite makeup visit www.GerdaSpillmann.com , Like us on Facebook or call us toll-free at 1-800-282-3223.

Applying Cream to Powder Foundation Makeup

How do you apply your Bio-Fond Foundation Make-up?

With a Foundation Brush – Applying with a brush is going to give you light, opaque coverage which is perfect for helping to even out skin tone and giving your skin a flawless finish.  Be sure to apply with long, light strokes to avoid any streaking with your brush.

With a Sponge – This popular technique will give you more coverage if you are trying to conceal skin imperfections or for additional blending.  Using a lightly dampened sponge (with water or Hydro Pearls) will give you more coverage than a brush but less than a dry sponge.  This is our recommended method and each Bio-Fond Foundation compact comes with a hypo-allergenic, non-latex sponge. 

With your Fingertips – Another way to apply Bio-Fond Foundation is with your fingertips. Please make sure your hands are thoroughly clean prior to application, to avoid contamination.  Your fingertips will give you the most coverage but also is also great for blending, since the foundation will soften into your skin from the warmth.  Be particularly gentle around the eyes and use your ring finger to pat and gently blend the foundation under the eyes.

Using a primer will help create a beautiful, flawless finish with any of these application techniques and Hydro Pearls, our water based primer, also acts as a moisturizer to help seal your skin and promote not just beautiful, but healthy skin.  Because Hydro Pearls is water based there are no silicones to clog your pores, suffocate your skin, or leave you shiny looking. 

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Friday Feature: American Idol

American Idol!

“The Gerda Spillmann foundation is wonderful.  The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and the great coverage holds up on long production days.  It is a great addition to my makeup kit.”   -Amy Barkzi , department head for American Idol and America’s Got Talent

Who do you think is going to be the next American Idol?  Post your answers here! 

Gerda Spillmann, manufacturing only the best in Swiss Skin Care products, has always had a following of the Hollywood famous, creating an extensive demand in the entertainment industry. This Hollywood staple has been used on everyone from Angelina Jolie to Rachel McAdams. Even former American Idol, Adam Lambert posts on his website about Bio-Fond Foundation. Iconic Hollywood star, Elizabeth Taylor declared that Bio-Fond Foundation “covers a multitude of sins”. Outside of Hollywood you can find Bio-Fond Foundation on the hosts of ESPN, Miss America contestants, magazine photo shoots, and on the Broadway stage production of Grease. Makeup artists love Bio Fond Foundation for the natural yet full coverage, the lastability and the radiant, matte glow even on high definition.

“The Idol runner up sported a style all his own from the beginning of the season to the end.  His look was edgy, creative, and glam rock inspired.  Lambert didn’t veer far from his trademark smokey eyeliner, bronzed skin and lip-balmed lips.  However, Idol makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy had the opportunity to soften his look during disco week.  The final result:  he looked polished, smart and very handsome.  Sometimes less is definitely more. Bronze Special foundation by Gerda Spillmann was the key to evening out Lambert’s skin tone.”              –Examiner.com

Choose from 21 colors and rock your own look with the Bio-Fond Foundation make-up, making you feel like an Idol!  http://gerdaspillmann.stores.yahoo.net/

Friday Feature: Makeup Artist Rochell Foust

Meet Makeup Artist Rochell Foust!

Truly an inspiring Makeup Artist, Rochell creates beautiful faces with the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup!  Read her Bio, check out the amazing pictures, and then be sure to visit her websites to learn more!

When I was little, my mother couldn’t keep me out of her makeup bag.  Little did we know that, at only four years old, the desire to transform myself into a Smurf by completely covering myself in blue eyeshadow was the spark that would ignite a passion about makeup and its artistry.  I never did make it as a Smurf, but I’m hoping there is still a chance to pursue my dream by becoming an accomplished makeup artist.  I’m completely mesmerized by faces – skin texture, bone structure, the shape of an eyebrow… each component working together to create a unique face that is different from any other one in the world.  It never fails to amaze me what makeup can do to a face, whether it’s a simple change in the way blush is applied or a complete highlight & contour.

My goal as a makeup artist is not necessarily to disguise, but to enhance and compliment the unique beauty we all possess.  Bio-Fond is a key staple in what I do for all of my clients.  Elizabeth Taylor once called it the foundation that could “cover a multitude of sins”, but it still allows you to shine through.  I love the lightweight formula, easy buildability, and the way that I never, ever have to worry about breaking out while wearing it.  It doesn’t create a mask on top of your face like some heavier foundations.  It just looks like your skin, but better.

I always feel like I’m in on some big secret as I continue to incorporate Bio-Fond into my kit.  Whenever I am able to add a new color in and share that with someone else, they never fail to ask me what it is and where they can get it.  It wears beautifully for photo shoots and gives the skin a soft, dewy finish that looks natural and fresh in real life.  It works for everything!