Minimal Bridal Makeup

Here comes the Bride! It’s that season again, the flowers and love are blooming everywhere it seems!  This year the minimal makeup look is on trend in the bridal scene, here are a few ideas on how to make it work for you – as a bride or a guest. Continue reading “Minimal Bridal Makeup”


Bridal Makeup Tutorial

I had a client a little bit ago that doesn’t ever wear makeup. How would it be? Her skin was flawless, eyes were beautiful and she has naturally pink lips. However, for her wedding, she wanted to accentuate her already flawless look. She was super concerned with contouring because she thought it would make her look too done up. I assured her that I would make her look beautiful, yet natural. DSC_0008

Step 1: I started with a light contour. I used Gerda Spillmann Bronze Special Bio Fond Foundation. I love the natural bronze that it gives. I shaded under her cheekbones and just a little under her bottom lip. 

Tip: Pay attention to where the light naturally highlights your features and what is naturally shaded. 

Step 2: I highlighted under her eyes (in a v-shape), bridge of her nose, a triangle on the forehead (just above the nose), the tip of her nose and her chin. I used Gerda Spillmann HighlighterDSC_0012 Bio Fond Foundation. 

Step 3: I blended all the contouring together with a beauty blender and her color of foundation. I used Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Foundation in Top Chic (she has a very natural, beautiful tan. Top Chic matched perfect).

Step 4: I used the Chubby Eye Pencil in blizzard from Crown Brush just on top of her lid. This will help keep your eyes appearing bright and open (great technique for those late nights when you really are tired, or for any other time really). I also used it as a highlighter under the arch of her eyebrows.DSC_0019

Step 5: I used the 28 Color Neutral Eye Palette from Crown Brush. I deepened her crease with a neutral brown color and I used the “Round Tapered Crease” brush and then the “Pro Blender Crease” brush to sweep the color up and out a little bit.

Step 6: Using the same color palette, I lined her eyes with black using the “Silicone Angle Liner.” Using powder gives you a DSC_0027softer look than a pencil, gel or liquid liner.

Step 7: Darken your eyebrows. For a natural look, I used “Dark Blonde” Eyebrow Mousse from Blinc.

Step 8: False Lashes. I know you think that these are not natural, but you can actually find some really natural looking ones. They will open your eyes and make DSC_0028them stand out even more. When you place the glue onto the lashes, allow it to become tacky to the touch before applying. This will make them easier to place

Step 9: Mascara to blend in your real lashes to the falsies.

Step 10: DSC_0032Blush! Apply to the apples of your cheeks. When you are looking straight into the mirror, the blush application should not go past your pupils towards your nose. Then sweep it up to your hairline. I really don’t have a reason for why blush is one of my last steps. It just happens.  

Step 11. I love a good lip stain on a bride. She can kiss and not leave any marks on her new husband and not worry about having to reapply. I wanted a soft pink look, so I used “Infinite Rose” from the Sephora Collection. DSC_0039

Learn more about Lisa and see her talent and skill on her blog here.  Tell us what you love about this tutorial.  What kinds of tutorials would you like to see in the future?

Fall Collection – Stay warm with Hollywood’s Hottest Secret

Cooler Temperatures mean Fall Collections!  Warm up with the hottest collection of Bio Fond Foundation Makeup Colors – 21 total that range from fair to dark with everything in between.

Bio Fond Foundation Makeup, famous among the famous, is a mineral based cream-to-powder foundation that leaves your skin looking flawless while promoting healthy skin and helps fight the signs of aging.  Imported from Switzerland for over 30 years, Bio Fond Foundation Makeup has been used on the sets of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Broadway Productions, Bridal Photo Shoots and so much more.

For a Limited Time you can get the Collection of Bio Fond Foundation Colors on Sale by visiting our website.  Afraid of Commitment?  Try a sample of the Bio Fond Foundation Makeup first by emailing our beauty team or calling us at 1.800.282.3223.

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Check out these Celebrity Makeup Artists that use the Bio Fond Foundation.

Adam Brandy  

Veronica Lorenz

Cheryl Nick

Rochelle Foust

Allison Stout

Vicki Fischer

Watch these videos from Lisa about the best way to apply your Cream-to-Powder Foundation Makeup.

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It’s Bridal Season – how to get a natural, beautiful bridal make-up look

Are you ready for a busy Bridal season?  If you are a professional or even someone looking to do your wedding make-up yourself there are some things you need to know, and others to keep in mind.

Apply a concealer that is just one or two shades lighter than the bride’s natural complexion and gently pat into the eye area to cover dark circles, to any imperfections you are wishing to hide, the tip of the nose, and if the bride has defined cheek bones, along the high ridge.  Next apply a high-definition ready, natural looking cream-to-powder foundation.  Cream-to-powder is going to give amazing coverage but will set with a very light-weight feeling, allowing the bride to not only look natural but feel natural too.  Bio-Fond Foundation is a silky, full coverage cream-to-powder that is easily blendable, lasts up to 16 hours and looks great under high-definition cameras.

Next focus on the eyes.  Start by applying a bit of foundation or an eye shadow primer to the lids to help eye shadows last longer and mask veins or imperfections that may be more visible with the thin eyelid skin.  Neutral shadow colors that are 4-5 shades darker than the brides skin tone, but match in cool or warm tones, is best to use all over the eye lid.  Follow with a lighter color from the top of the eye lids to the brow bone to brighten the eye area.  Then apply an earth tone brown in a sideways “V” shape at the corner of the eyes to help create definition and depth.  Curl the eyelashes and apply a coat of non-clumping, waterproof mascara; additional coats may be necessary for fair or thin eyelashes.

Cheeks should look slightly flushed without looking clown-ish.  Cream blushes are simple to apply, easy to blend and look great on any skin tone.  Using a clean blush brush, gently pat the bristles into the blush and then in a slight “C” motion apply to the apples of the cheeks, swiping up towards the hairline.  Gerda Spillmann’s Bio-Blush is ideal because it was designed by a professional make-up artist to work with every skin tone, giving beautiful, subtle emphasis.

Gently blot lip primer or a bit of foundation onto the lips to create a smooth canvas on the lips that will also help the color to last longer and prevent bleeding.  Follow with a matte lip liner and matching lip color.  Soft pinks are the most popular colors requested by brides.  Applying just a dab of gloss to the bottom lip helps to create an illusion of fuller lips.

Tips to remember when picking your make-up items:

    • Use an oil free sunscreen prior to make-up application and allow for full absorption (about 20 minutes) before applying foundation.
    • Apply make-up in natural light instead of artificial light; they can cast a yellowish appearance when applying make-up.
    • Avoid eye shadows, foundations, blushes and lip products that have shimmer or glitter because they don’t photograph well and can make the bride’s skin look tired, uneven or oily.
    • Avoid powders.  If the bride feels she needs to cover up after make-up application use blotting papers to absorb any oils.  Powders can leave behind a layer of light refracting particles that will make the skin appear ashy or give a white cast with flash photography.
    • 4-6 weeks before the wedding the bride should get a facial, increase her water intake, limit unnecessary sugars and greasy foods while increasing the number of vegetables consumed and begin a careful skin care regimen with regular cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.  Exposure to sun, smoke and environmental pollutants will increase chances of big-day breakouts.
    • Courtesy of Photographer Connor Berge

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Looking Natural with less than Perfect skin

Envious of the Hollywood stars that appear to have effortless beauty?  Not all of them actually have the blemish-free, beautiful skin we all wish we did.  In fact many of them fake flawless skin!  You too can do this with the Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup – natural looking, available in 21 colors, and sets to a powdery finish.  Gerda Spillmann’s Bio-Fond Foundation allows you to look natural and will help to even out skin tone leaving you with flawless looking skin. 

For the most natural look, lightly apply Bio-Fond Foundation with a foundation brush, blending into the neckline. Add a little bit of mascara and lip gloss you are ready for summer’s hottest look!

Share with us your best natural looking photos using Bio-Fond Foundation!

Cream based Eyeliner Pencils – a Makeup Artists Tool

Makeup Artist Vicki Fischer has been an important player in the beauty industry for over 30 years – making her an expert on all things Glam!  Vicki Fischer understands both sides of the makeup chair as she has also been an actress, model, and on-camera talent.  Currently Vicki is working as a highly sought after Makeup Artist but squeezes in time to also be a commercial voice, a television staff announcer, key makeup artist to Nancy Ziemann and the beauty correspondent for Lisa Cocuzza’s

Not only does she use and love the Bio-Fond Foundation, having been a huge advocate for GS for over 15 years, but now she has just written about the Gerda Spillmann Bio-Blends Eyeliner Pencils AND is also hosting a giveaway!  Be sure you read her article, soak in her professional advice about how to apply eyeliner for the best effect and then click to win your own Bio-Blends Eyeliner!  Click here:

To learn more about Vicki, visit her website –  Take a look at some of the fun pictures Vicki shared with us from sets where she has used the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup!

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Applying Cream to Powder Foundation Makeup

How do you apply your Bio-Fond Foundation Make-up?

With a Foundation Brush – Applying with a brush is going to give you light, opaque coverage which is perfect for helping to even out skin tone and giving your skin a flawless finish.  Be sure to apply with long, light strokes to avoid any streaking with your brush.

With a Sponge – This popular technique will give you more coverage if you are trying to conceal skin imperfections or for additional blending.  Using a lightly dampened sponge (with water or Hydro Pearls) will give you more coverage than a brush but less than a dry sponge.  This is our recommended method and each Bio-Fond Foundation compact comes with a hypo-allergenic, non-latex sponge. 

With your Fingertips – Another way to apply Bio-Fond Foundation is with your fingertips. Please make sure your hands are thoroughly clean prior to application, to avoid contamination.  Your fingertips will give you the most coverage but also is also great for blending, since the foundation will soften into your skin from the warmth.  Be particularly gentle around the eyes and use your ring finger to pat and gently blend the foundation under the eyes.

Using a primer will help create a beautiful, flawless finish with any of these application techniques and Hydro Pearls, our water based primer, also acts as a moisturizer to help seal your skin and promote not just beautiful, but healthy skin.  Because Hydro Pearls is water based there are no silicones to clog your pores, suffocate your skin, or leave you shiny looking. 

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Friday Feature: Makeup Artist Rochell Foust

Meet Makeup Artist Rochell Foust!

Truly an inspiring Makeup Artist, Rochell creates beautiful faces with the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup!  Read her Bio, check out the amazing pictures, and then be sure to visit her websites to learn more!

When I was little, my mother couldn’t keep me out of her makeup bag.  Little did we know that, at only four years old, the desire to transform myself into a Smurf by completely covering myself in blue eyeshadow was the spark that would ignite a passion about makeup and its artistry.  I never did make it as a Smurf, but I’m hoping there is still a chance to pursue my dream by becoming an accomplished makeup artist.  I’m completely mesmerized by faces – skin texture, bone structure, the shape of an eyebrow… each component working together to create a unique face that is different from any other one in the world.  It never fails to amaze me what makeup can do to a face, whether it’s a simple change in the way blush is applied or a complete highlight & contour.

My goal as a makeup artist is not necessarily to disguise, but to enhance and compliment the unique beauty we all possess.  Bio-Fond is a key staple in what I do for all of my clients.  Elizabeth Taylor once called it the foundation that could “cover a multitude of sins”, but it still allows you to shine through.  I love the lightweight formula, easy buildability, and the way that I never, ever have to worry about breaking out while wearing it.  It doesn’t create a mask on top of your face like some heavier foundations.  It just looks like your skin, but better.

I always feel like I’m in on some big secret as I continue to incorporate Bio-Fond into my kit.  Whenever I am able to add a new color in and share that with someone else, they never fail to ask me what it is and where they can get it.  It wears beautifully for photo shoots and gives the skin a soft, dewy finish that looks natural and fresh in real life.  It works for everything!

Friday Feature: Meet Makeup Artist Allison Stout

Check out Makeup Artist Allison who uses the Bio-Fond Foundation and LOVES it!  Read her Bio here, Check out our Beautiful work in the pictures and then visit her website listed below!

Allison’s Bio

From a very young girl I have been mesmerized by makeup. I knew what I wanted to be when i grew up. One of my favorite toys was a Barbie Beauty Center.  Then later I attended Cosmetology with the hopes of becoming an Aesthetician and makeup artist in Hollywood. I wanted to see my name in the credits of movies. Although not everything has panned out I am happy to be doing something for 25 plus years that still flames my embers. Makeup is my passion and is in my veins.
One of my mentors is Kevyn Aucoin. I remember reading Seventeen magazine and wondering who did the models makeup. I would love the work this person did and it was unique. I would see Kevyn’s name frequently. It was way before he was “famous”…but, I definitely could see why he eventually made it to Hollywood.
I have all of his coffee table books and his biography. I learned so much from them all.
I was introduced to Bio-Fond from a friend in the Beauty industry. I bought my first palette for $50 and used it mainly for brides. I was so impressed with the light coverage and all the rave reviews it received by my clients.
All my brides were flawless without the heavy makeup feeling. Time and again Bio-fond has helped me create an excellence that no other foundation has since. From bridal portraits to weddings, model shoots and music videos to Television Gerda Spillmann’s Bio-Fond has been my mainstay, and has never failed me. It was HD long before Hi-Definition was even considered! So many times it has made a photoshop wizards job that less painstaking. I cannot live without Bio-Fond in my kit. You shouldn’t either.

Wow she is so inspiring!  For more about Allison check her out here:     #820624