3 products + 5 minutes = easy, beautiful summer glow!

It’s finally summer time! If you’re like me you can’t wait to get outside everyday and bathe in the warm rays of the sun!  Of course while I’m soaking up all that Vitamin D I do not want to actually risk burning or tanning my skin.  In just 5 minutes I can apply my make-up for the day, don’t have to worry about touching up or make-up runoff.

The three products you need:

  1. Hydro Pearls Moisturizing Primer
  2. Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup (pick your shade from 20 here)
  3. Bio-Fond Bronze Special Petite

Bio-Fond Foundation make-up is a huge time saver!  Not only does it help to give your skin a flawless, even appearance but it has physical sun block protection in it.

Follow these quick, easy steps for a beautiful summer glow!

  1. Apply Hydro Pearls all over the face & neck.  You can use a sponge but I prefer to use my (clean) hands. Wait for this to totally absorb, about 1 minute.
  2. Using a brush (mine’s a small kabuki), tap the brush into your Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup and apply to your skin in small circles, blending outwards.  Start in the middle and work towards your hair-line.  Apply small dabs and blend for extra under-eye concealment.
  3. Using a bronzing brush, tap into the Bronze Special Petite compact and light apply in short, upward motions across the highest points of your face (nose, cheek bones, chin and/or forehead).
  4. Follow-up with your favorite eye products and a clear lip gloss.

Bio-Fond Deluxe

Ta-Da, you’re done! For more information about the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup visit our website, or read more about it here.  Find out more about our silicone-free make-up primer, Hydro Pearls, here.  You can join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


How to apply cream blush

Cream blush is beautiful when applied correctly.  The pigment lasts all days, really glides over the skin and gives your makeup an overall sense of balanced beauty.  However, it can be difficult to apply at first.

Bio-Blush by GS Products is a unique and universal blush, eliminating the frustrating step and hassle of trying to find a blush that works for you.  Designed by a prominent Hollywood Makeup artist, Bio-Blush works with your own natural undertones and self-adjusts to be the right tone for you!  The creamy consistency works well with all makeup applications but was specially designed for the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup.

The easiest way to apply Bio-Blush Cream Blush is with a sponge and a brush.  Using a clean sponge gently apply 3 small dots in an ascending line.  The first and lowest dab should be above the cheek bones and in line with the center of your eye.  The second dab is slightly higher and closer to the corner of the eye.  The third and final dab should be at the end of the eyebrow.

Cream Blush Tutorial Picture GSPThen using a loosely compacted blush brush, gently blend these dots together in upward, sweeping motions.  The finished look should be a soft and naturally beautiful.BioBlush NewCompact Small

You can also apply blush to the top of your forehead, the bridge of your nose and chin area for an all-over glow!  Without applying any additional product, use the same blush brush after using it on your cheeks and swipe these three areas lightly and quickly for an accent of additional color.

No need to add any powder, Bio-Blush is an all-in-one product that needs no additional steps, you’re done!

For more information or to order your own Bio-Blush Cream Blush visit our website at http://www.GerdaSpillmann.com, call us at 1-800-282-3223 for a free sample, or send us an email at Info@GSskincare.com.

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Baby it’s Hot outside! Tips for helping your makeup last thru the summer days

It’s been a scorching summer so far – and today is only the first official day of summer!

So how do you make your makeup last all day?  Makeup Artist Lisa Frehner gives us her advice.

#1 – Hydrate your skin!  Often times we neglect to moisturize our skin during the warm summer months but this time of year is just as critical as the winter – going from the warm, humid air outside to the dry blast of cold air inside is hard on our skin!  Apply a lightweight, concentrated formula in the morning and again before bed.  When applying your moisturizer in the morning, do so about 5-10 minutes before your makeup; this allows the emollients, vitamins and hydrating properties to deeply absorb and will be less likely to adhere to your makeup base.  This is my favorite light moisturizer I use all summer long!

#2- Use a light hand.  Caking on your makeup, layer after layer, gives slip to each layer building up to the big slide off.  Instead of doing a complicated eye shadow look – go for a more natural finish with just 1 or 2 shadow colors, eyeliner and a touch of mascara.  Use bronzer and blush with a light application – preferrably a brush.  The Bio Blends Eyeliner Pencils from GS are perfect for summer – made with beeswax so they won’t smear, smudge or stray.

#3- Carry oil absorbant papers – these handy little packets are great for throwing into your purse and carrying everywhere!  They’re easy to use too – just dab them on your skin when you’re feeling a bit shiny and the oil/prespiration/etc soaks right into it and then simply throw it away – all while your makeup stays in place – no touchups required!

#4- Keep your hands to yourself!  Don’t touch your face – the more you do so, the more germs, bacteria, etc that you spread to your face.  When these foreign contaminents are introduced to your pores your skin will kick into overdrive trying to identify, eliminate and trap them.  You’ll also be less likely to become a victim of makeup transfer, if you’re not touching your face.

Of course while water intake doesn’t directly effect the way your makeup stays in place, please keep hydrated this summer.  Water consumption does directly effect the way your skin looks, and we all want it to still be beach ready in another 30 to 50 years.

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5 Steps to Apply Bronzer for a Summer Kissed Glow

Summer is finally upon us and more than ever we want to look tanned without actually exposing our delicate skin to the harmful, damaging rays of the sun.  So we turn to our favorite summer makeup product, Bronzer.

A few tips to remember when picking your bronzing color; a) choose a color with the same undertone as your foundation, b) cream bronzers are the easiest to use because they blend so well and can be the most forgiving if you apply too much, c) pick one that is only 3-4 shades darker than your foundation, d) the point is to warm and gently “kiss” your skin, not to give you a full on different skin tone color.

Step 1- The first step to apply your bronzer is actually to create a base with your foundation.  Apply your foundation evenly and blend where necessary.  Allow this to set for 3-4 minutes before applying bronzer.

Step 2- Choose a large, round, loose brush.  Kabuki’s are a favorite to use because the looseness of the bristles allows for a softer application; tightly packed bristles will lend a dense application of color that is harder to blend.

Step 3- Gently tap your brush into the bronzer color.  Dot or pat three small circles across your cheekbones and towards your hairline.  Using circular motions blend these three dots together with your brush moving from the center of your face towards your hairline.

Step 4- Tap your brush into your bronzer color again and then lightly apply across the bridge of your nose, chin and top of your forehead.  Do this lightly so that you don’t over color your face – remember we’re looking for a soft, kissed look.

Step 5- Check out the color application in natural light near a window before leaving, just to ensure everything is well blended and the color isn’t too strong.  Now you’re done!

We recommended the following colors to use as bronzers with your Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Foundation:

  • Light Skin with Pink Undertones (Weekend through Csardas) : Use Top Chic
  • Light Skin with Yellow Undertones (Praline through Alpen Glow) : Use Bijou
  • Medium Skin (Limelight through Apres Ski) : Use Bronze Special
  • Dark Skin (Light Ebony through Autumn) : Use Sable


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Friday Feature – Lisa Frehner, Beauty Expert

Meet Lisa, Beauty Consultant who specializes in helping her clients look their best.  Lisa is a woman of many talents, helping her clients achieve natural beauty from head to toe.  She is a huge fan of Gerda Spillmann’s Bio Fond Foundation because of the amazing coverage and flawless, natural beauty it gives anyone.  She believes so much in not just the power of beauty, but the power of skin care she uses the entire GS line on herself too.

“I love Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Foundation! My clients have told me again and again how natural and fresh they feel while wearing it, and it even improves their skin! It doesn’t feel or look like makeup, but it gives you a totally flawless glow. Everyday I use Bio Fond coupled with a Gerda Spillmann skin care regime, and my skin has never looked or felt better than it does now! The natural healing ingredients in the Bio Fond keep me from breaking out and help to heal any problem areas. This foundation is perfect for everyday use, as well as weddings, parties, photo shoots or anything else. Thanks to Gerda Spillmann, I love my skin and I have found the perfect product for my clients as well.”

Check out more about Lisa on her Facebook Page (LisaFrehner@Metropolitan) or watch her YouTube Video and subscribe to her to see what she does next!

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5 Makeup Tricks worth a Treat for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching! If you are planning to glam it up, cover it up, or disguise it all with makeup we have 5 tips you need to read.

Tip # 1 – Start with a moisture base

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.  This mantra should be repeated everyday but especially when you will be applying fun Halloween products with less than quality ingredients to get the white-washed vampire look, the green witchy skin, or if you plan to channel the smurf’s blueness.  Apply a little extra moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and plump, creating a more flawless canvas!

Tip # 2 –  Winged or Cat’s Eye Eyeliner Tips

Need a flair for the dramatic? Winged Eyeliner is the perfect way to snag someone’s attention and looks great with costumes from the Egyptian Pharaoh’s to the more current Snooki.  For detailed tips in how to draw and apply click here.

Tip # 3 – Bronzing, Hallowed Cheeks, or Defined Cheek Bones

Contouring is a common trick used by Makeup Artists to elongate your face, to create a big contrast, or create illusions of defined cheek bones and gaunt faces. From gory vampires to glam like Angelina, contouring can take your makeup to the next level.

To create or enhance cheekbones, pucker your lips and suck in your cheeks, apply your contouring color  to the hollows and a highlighter to the top of the cheekbones.

Tip # 4 – Liven up the Lips

Halloween is always fun and it’s a great chance to try something new! How about a rocking hot, totally not {normally} you, lip color? Pick up a stunning Gold or Sliver color at your favorite Halloween store.  Or for a DIY trick mix up an unused eye shadow color with a bit of Vaseline or Carmex– get an outrageous orange, pixy purple or cool cucumber green.

Tip # 5 – Wash it All Off!

Please heed this advice – wash off all makeup before you go to bed!  You skin goes through a natural rejuvenation process while you sleep and you don’t want your skin absorbing chemicals, dyes and potential bacteria after the party is over!  In fact it’s best to wash your face at least twice – one to rinse away the makeup and a second time to actually cleanse the skin.  And then of course apply your moisturizer!

For additional tips on Halloween makeup safety, especially that of children’s makeup read this.

To look naturally glamorous all the time visit our website for 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care and the Foundation of the Year, Bio Fond Foundation Makeup from Gerda Spillmann.

Fall Collection – Stay warm with Hollywood’s Hottest Secret

Cooler Temperatures mean Fall Collections!  Warm up with the hottest collection of Bio Fond Foundation Makeup Colors – 21 total that range from fair to dark with everything in between.

Bio Fond Foundation Makeup, famous among the famous, is a mineral based cream-to-powder foundation that leaves your skin looking flawless while promoting healthy skin and helps fight the signs of aging.  Imported from Switzerland for over 30 years, Bio Fond Foundation Makeup has been used on the sets of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Broadway Productions, Bridal Photo Shoots and so much more.

For a Limited Time you can get the Collection of Bio Fond Foundation Colors on Sale by visiting our website.  Afraid of Commitment?  Try a sample of the Bio Fond Foundation Makeup first by emailing our beauty team or calling us at 1.800.282.3223.

To view the entire collection view this PDF.  BioFond Color Collection 2011

Check out these Celebrity Makeup Artists that use the Bio Fond Foundation.

Adam Brandy  

Veronica Lorenz

Cheryl Nick

Rochelle Foust

Allison Stout

Vicki Fischer

Watch these videos from Lisa about the best way to apply your Cream-to-Powder Foundation Makeup.

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Get a sultry Cat-Eye with Cream Eyeliner

Bio-Blends Eyeliner Pencils are perfect for creating dramatic definition with a Cat-Eye effect because they easily glide across the eyelids, allow for thin or thick lines, and are forgiving of mistakes.

Start by making your eyelid taut by gently pulling at the corner of the eye towards the hairline.  Apply your Black Magic or Perfect Grey Eyeliner along the top lash line, as close to the lashes as you can, starting on the inside corner drawing towards the outside.  Next, add more depth to the line by starting in the middle of your lid and drawing towards the outside just above the previous line. Blend as needed.

When applying your eyeliner to the bottom lid start on the outside corner and work towards the inner corner.  It’s better for the health of your eyes to draw on or just beneath the lash line and not above to prevent product or bacteria from entering your eyes.  Draw the bottom line all the way to the inner corner for a dramatic effect, or just to the middle of the lower lid for a softer look – but be sure to blend it so there is no hard edge to the end of your eyeliner.

We suggest drawing the “wing” of your Cat-Eye in an upward motion.  Lines that are drawn down can make your eyes seem tired. To add a small, wing draw from the corner of the lower lid in a slight upward motion.  Do not draw the wings past your eyebrows!


Other tips to remember:

Apply with a relaxed face

Have Q-tips handy in case you need to correct a mistake

Eyeliner on the top lid should be a thin line at the inside and thicker at the outside corners.

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How to get Flawless (and Younger) Looking Skin

Wrinkles (a breakdown of collagen) and dry skin are the two biggest enemies to looking your best.  Fight back with quality products and with a little bit of skin preparation to feel confident about your look.

A younger appearance starts with a good skincare regimen.  Supple, well moisturized skin is the very best way to fight premature aging and fine lines.  Apply a quality moisturizer ten to twenty minutes prior to your makeup application, this will help to prevent moisture loss throughout the day and will provide a soft canvas for your make-up.  Make sure that it has completly absorbed into your skin before applying additional products.  For more about how to apply products in order visit this post.

Flawless looking skin starts with a smooth canvas and finishes with a quality foundation.  Make-up primer is ideal for most skin types, primer helps to make your application long lasting and remain natural looking.  If your skin is oily or problematic, switch to a mattifier instead of a primer.  Preferably use a water based primer which will work naturally with your skin; Silicone primers sit on top of the epidermis and can cause irritation, prevent the skin from breathing, and trap bacteria. Use four small drops and apply on your cheeks, chin and middle of your forehead, just above the bridge of your nose.

Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care makes a beautiful cream to powder foundation that works with all skin types.  Using a large foundation brush or clean sponge, apply your foundation in the center of your face and blend towards your hairline and into your neck.  Brush strokes should be light and using upward motions to give you the most natural, complete finish.  Repeat this process 2-3 times for special occasion make-up to give you a buildable, fuller coverage look.

For more tips visit us on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@GerdaSpillmann) or if you have questions call us at 800.282.3223.  Customer Service can also be reached by email at Info@GSskincare.com.

It’s Bridal Season – how to get a natural, beautiful bridal make-up look

Are you ready for a busy Bridal season?  If you are a professional or even someone looking to do your wedding make-up yourself there are some things you need to know, and others to keep in mind.

Apply a concealer that is just one or two shades lighter than the bride’s natural complexion and gently pat into the eye area to cover dark circles, to any imperfections you are wishing to hide, the tip of the nose, and if the bride has defined cheek bones, along the high ridge.  Next apply a high-definition ready, natural looking cream-to-powder foundation.  Cream-to-powder is going to give amazing coverage but will set with a very light-weight feeling, allowing the bride to not only look natural but feel natural too.  Bio-Fond Foundation is a silky, full coverage cream-to-powder that is easily blendable, lasts up to 16 hours and looks great under high-definition cameras.

Next focus on the eyes.  Start by applying a bit of foundation or an eye shadow primer to the lids to help eye shadows last longer and mask veins or imperfections that may be more visible with the thin eyelid skin.  Neutral shadow colors that are 4-5 shades darker than the brides skin tone, but match in cool or warm tones, is best to use all over the eye lid.  Follow with a lighter color from the top of the eye lids to the brow bone to brighten the eye area.  Then apply an earth tone brown in a sideways “V” shape at the corner of the eyes to help create definition and depth.  Curl the eyelashes and apply a coat of non-clumping, waterproof mascara; additional coats may be necessary for fair or thin eyelashes.

Cheeks should look slightly flushed without looking clown-ish.  Cream blushes are simple to apply, easy to blend and look great on any skin tone.  Using a clean blush brush, gently pat the bristles into the blush and then in a slight “C” motion apply to the apples of the cheeks, swiping up towards the hairline.  Gerda Spillmann’s Bio-Blush is ideal because it was designed by a professional make-up artist to work with every skin tone, giving beautiful, subtle emphasis.

Gently blot lip primer or a bit of foundation onto the lips to create a smooth canvas on the lips that will also help the color to last longer and prevent bleeding.  Follow with a matte lip liner and matching lip color.  Soft pinks are the most popular colors requested by brides.  Applying just a dab of gloss to the bottom lip helps to create an illusion of fuller lips.

Tips to remember when picking your make-up items:

    • Use an oil free sunscreen prior to make-up application and allow for full absorption (about 20 minutes) before applying foundation.
    • Apply make-up in natural light instead of artificial light; they can cast a yellowish appearance when applying make-up.
    • Avoid eye shadows, foundations, blushes and lip products that have shimmer or glitter because they don’t photograph well and can make the bride’s skin look tired, uneven or oily.
    • Avoid powders.  If the bride feels she needs to cover up after make-up application use blotting papers to absorb any oils.  Powders can leave behind a layer of light refracting particles that will make the skin appear ashy or give a white cast with flash photography.
    • 4-6 weeks before the wedding the bride should get a facial, increase her water intake, limit unnecessary sugars and greasy foods while increasing the number of vegetables consumed and begin a careful skin care regimen with regular cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.  Exposure to sun, smoke and environmental pollutants will increase chances of big-day breakouts.
    • Courtesy of Photographer Connor Berge