4 ways to make your moisturizer better

Applying moisturizer or creams seems like a common sense detail, right? We put a bit on  our hands, rub it on our faces and go about our day. This lassiez-faire attitude  can lead to using your products ineffectively. If you’re going to buy a quality moisturizer, make it work for you!

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The best Makeup Primer

What is a makeup primer and why do I need to use one?  Do ingredients really matter?  Whether you wear full coverage makeup or simple, barely-there color, makeup primer is an important player in your beauty routine.

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Skinfood; skin cravings decoded

Is your skin flaking? Breaking out?  Red and patchy?  It’s a cry for help from your complexion and we’re here to help you decode what you need to make peace with your skin.  Continue reading “Skinfood; skin cravings decoded”

Spring Clean the Skin

It seems that Spring has *finally* arrived, summer isn’t too far away!  If your skin looks like it’s still in winter, it’s time for a Skin Cleanse.  Deep cleaning the skin helps to slough away dead skin cells that are hanging on (like extra weight from the holidays) and prepares the skin to readily accept the hydration you apply, allowing for radiant skin that helps you look younger!

Step 1: Deep Cleansing

Washing away the surface bacteria, oil and grime every day is critical to a good skincare routine.  But sometimes, we need to go deeper.  Thoroughly cleanse the skin with a powerful, but gentle cleanser.  Preferably a dual-action cleanser that will give you both the surface clean and has an exfoliator for pores and deep seated oil.  Once the skin is clean we like to use the TEI Spa Sonic Spatula with a lavender mist to further eradicate contaminants that may lead to breakouts or a dull appearance.


Step 2: Ingredients Matter

Using cheap moisturizers puts cheap ingredients on your skin.  While not all cheap ingredients are necessarily bad, they can open the opportunity for bad things to happen to your skin.  Cosmetic grade products may contain upto 70% bacteria (gross!!); Pharmaceutical grade products are required by law to contain less than 1%.  Make sure you’re using a product that doesn’t have just 1 or 2 great ingredients, but all of them!

Flower Extract Picture small

Step 3: Layers

Two is better than 1.  No matter how amazing and effective your moisturizer might be, you’ll get the most functionality out of it by pairing it with an equally powerful serum. A great rule of thumb to follow; always apply the lightest products first.  By applying the targeted serum first, you allow the moisturizer to help lock in additional moisture. This is incredibly important for those with very dry and/or mature complexions!

Swiss Brightening Cream - 50ml Tube SMALL

Step 4: Specialty Skincare

Are you particularly concerned about a specific area?  The fine lines around the eyes? Maybe the hyper-pigmentation on your cheeks?  Or the lines on your neck?  Adding a specialty cream to your skincare cocktail is recommended, even in our 20-30’s to help prevent the irreversible breakdown of collagen and elastin.  Be sure to pick a product that is developed for your skin type and avoid products with hydroquinone.

Step 5: Fiercely Protect

Sun block is a girls very best friend.  Men and Children too!  Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that can cause discoloration and lead to skin cancer.  Free radicals attack your skin cells and lead to a breakdown in the skin, allowing the appearance of pesky fine lines and wrinkles.  Remember to wear sunblock everyday, and reapply if you have continued outside sun exposure.

How do Amino Acids help your skin?

Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of life. When proteins are digested or broken down, amino acids are left. So what do they do in our skincare products? Continue reading “How do Amino Acids help your skin?”

RAO – the Must have Winter Skincare product

Cold, dry, winter weather is coming!  Prepare your skin with products from those who understand winter well – the Swiss!

The high altitude of the Swiss Alps has some of the most frigid and deadly winters in the world but also let skin care innovators to create leading moisturizers and skin care products to protect us from those extremes.  One of these products came from the First Lady of Swiss Skin care, Madame Spillmann, over 60 years ago!

RAO Essential Oil

RAO-New-Packaging-SmallRAO combines anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial and bactericidal properties of bergamot and lemon peel oil with the strength of orange essential oil to strengthen epidermis, to increase the cell hydration and to support cell regeneration. The composition is also design to obtain a crisp fresh scent.  Together these ingredients relax and restore the skin’s strength and vitality.

Formulated with Sesame Seed Oil, Orange Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Citrus Fruit Oil, and Vitamin E, R.A.O. promotes moisture retention and acts as a barrier to harmful environmental irritants. The use of botanical, natural essential oils allows R.A.O. to be a non-greasy, fast absorbing formula that will not leave your skin feeling heavy or oily. Individuals with severely dry, mature or damaged skin can begin to see a balanced, moisturizing effect on their skin after just the first application. It also helps to reduce discomfort & redness from sunburn, treatments, or shaving-for men & women! Even great for sensitive skin!

Daily use of the R.A.O. and circular massage can also help to soothe away acne scars, burns, stretch marks and deep cracks in the heels or elbows by sealing in moisture, preventing any further loss of critical hydration necessary for the skin to regenerate itself.

From the GS Archives when RAO was introduced in the late 1940’s:

We needed a replenishing, regenerating oil for the “problem zones” such as the belly and the thighs (cellulite!), an oil to take care of sunburns on any part of the body, to counteract developing stretch marks in pregnant women, and to positively influence the natural healing process of scar tissue (after the wound had closed and healed).

In my youth we only knew of fruits like apples, pears, prunes, plums, apricots and peaches, and although the fantastic scent of oranges, lemon and other tropical fruits were known, we rarely had them on the table, maybe as a dessert on a very special occasion. The aroma of these fruits was truly inspiring to me.

I wanted to build this inspiring scent into the new oil: a combination of orange oil, lemon oil and bergamot oil (bergamot is a pear-shaped orange having a rind which yields an essential oil). My oil should have a natural fragrance like a dainty.

Furthermore, because at that time there were no “light” preparations to be found in any of the leading cosmetic brands, I wanted an oil that would be yielding and “go a long way” for the customer. Remember, these were the years of the 2nd World War, and precious raw materials would not be readily available on the market. The consumer did not have a lot of cash for luxury goods.

While the post-war world was believing more and more in modern technology and its achievement I deliberately turned to the past for answers. I wanted to rediscover the true values for lasting and sustained results. I looked to the Egyptians where natural cosmetics and herbal treatments had been eminently respected, and I found old formulas that gave me the basis for the modern preparation.


• Helps to rejuvenate dry, damaged skin. • Aids in reducing the visible effects of burns, scars, and stretch marks. • Helps to reduce discomfort and redness caused from sunburn. • Provides additional protection from razor burns when applied before shaving • Helps soothe redness and swelling after laser treatments.


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Bio-Fond Makeup – The only foundation makeup you need!

It’s skincare, it’s sun protection, it’s flawless coverage… It’s Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup.

bio fond dlx mr bx 2 smallBio-Fond Foundation makeup has been a Hollywood staple for almost 40 years, and was created by the esteemed, First Swiss lady of Skincare, Madame Spillmann, in Switzerland in the 1940’s.  Makeup artists consider this a kit staple and the proof is all over the red carpet, movies, tv shows and runways.

This silky, creamy base is light weight feeling but provides everything you need.  Formulated with natural ingredients that provide essential hydration, sun protection and beautiful coverage for a flawless appearance.  Cream-to-Powder, Bio-Fond applies like a moisturizer and sets like a powder, the best of both worlds! Pharmaceutical grade ingredients insure that Bio-Fond is non-comedogenic and ideal for all skin types.

Bio-Fond Celebrity Color Chart
Bio-Fond Celebrity Color Chart

From concealers to foundation to blush, Bio-Fond Foundation provides your skin with natural, beautiful coverage that looks and feels like gorgeous, even skin.

No more makeup free Mondays, only looks-like-makeupfree Mondays!

BF Concealer Group Image

For more information on the Bio-Fond Foundation visit www.GerdaSpillmann.com.  You can call us toll free for samples, questions or to place an order at 1-800-282-3223.  Send us an email at Info@GSskincare.com.

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Anti-aging skincare with natural ingredients


We all want to look our best at every age but at what cost to the health of our skin?

There are creams, lotions and potions that claim to offer the seemingly impossible by defying gravity or turning back the clocks.  While most of these products promise you results, their actual effectiveness is short-lived.  Silicone is a great example of a product that can temporarily make your skin feel smooth, allow your makeup to look flawless and cause, sometimes irreversible, damage your skin at the same time.  Read more about why silicone is bad here.

Hydration and sun protection are two of the most important things we can do to help protect our skin from showing premature signs of aging, suffering from skin damage and protect against acne/breakouts.  Using products that contain healthy, high quality ingredients the key to which products you should use.

Gerda Spillmann uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients because this level of quality is par with medical grade products but doesn’t require a license to use, making it powerful, effective and user-friendly.  GS has been devoted to using natural, botanical ingredients since the company was started in 1944.


One of our favorite ingredients is Swiss Edelweiss for its powerful anti-oxidant, free radical reducing powers.  Growing naturally at high altitude this iconic Swiss flower has adapted over thousands of years to thrive against the punishing, harsh rays of the sun and little oxygen.



Have you tried one of our anti-aging products with Proline Amino Acids?  This patented blend of Amino Acids, the building blocks of cells, helps to strengthen, renew and revitalize the skin’s appearance in a natural, healthy way – with long-term benefits and results.


tamarindseedextractTamarind Seed Extract is becoming more popular in the skin care industry and GS Products was one of the first to begin using this amazing ingredient!  More hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid and 4 (four!) times more effective than Vitamin C.  Tamarind Seed Extract has been found to include many important anti-aging factors including Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Sugar Enzymes, Citric Bitartrate and Collagen Fibers.  Tamarind Seed extract in the GS formulas has been proven to be hypoallergenic and ideal for all skin types.


Visit our website to try your new favorite Swiss Skincare products at www.GerdaSpillmann.com, call us for free samples at 1-800-282-3223 or join us on Facebook & Twitter.

Celebrate our 70 year Anniversary!

Madame Spillmann created her skincare company 70 years ago and to celebrate we are offering a blowout sale on some of her favorite products!

Read more about Madame Spillmann and her extraordinary journey here.  GS is one of the oldest skincare companies because we use the highest quality, best ingredients found in nature and refined into a pure state with advanced technology.  These are not your fad products that come and go, GS products have a proven history and are loved worldwide.



Skinfood Ultra Vital – This silky anti-aging moisturizer helps restore vitality and youthful elasticity to the skin with botanical ingredients including Tamarind Seed Extract, Swiss Edelweiss, Wheat Germ Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil.

Skinfood Extra Riche is a highly concentrated moisturizer that feeds the skin with essential nourishing ingredients, invigorating dry, mature or damaged skin while fighting back the signs of aging. Rich with nutrients and malic acid, the Tamarind Seed Extract combined with organic, free-radical reducing Swiss Edelweiss, gives the skin exceptional moisture content. Hamamelis Virginia (Witch Hazel) allows for increased absorption, helping the skin cells several layers deep.

R.A.O. Essential Oil – A unique blend of 100% highly refined essential oils and a refreshing, natural citrus scent. Formulated with Sesame Seed Oil, Orange Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Citrus Fruit Oil, and Vitamin E.

Anti-Aging Eye Region Cream – A specialized, active, and concentrated blend of Avocado, Marigold, Beet Root Extract, Shea Butter, Vitamin B3 and the highly effective Tamarind Seed Extract are synergistically formulated to protect against moisture loss, improve the skin elasticity while also aiding in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

Deo Cream Deodorant – Natural cream deodorant that contains Farnesol, which was chosen for the natural protection against perspiration and body odor. Great for sensitive skin and carries a fresh, clean scent. Ideal for use after laser treatments or waxing.

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Peau de Fleurs – Dual Action Facial Cleanser

 Peau de Fleurs Mousse – an advanced Dual Action Anti-Aging Cleanser

Cleanse and exfoliate while helping to improve the health & appearance of your skin

Peau de Fleurs means the “Skin of Flowers”; delicate, beautiful and balanced.

This popular cleanser is ideal for normal-to-problematic skin types that thoroughly cleanses while maintaining critical moisture content with natural moisturizers, allowing for a balanced pH for radiant, glowing skin.PDF Dual Action Cleanser Small

Formulated with only 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the Peau de Fleurs Cleanser cleanses away residual makeup, oil that may clog the pores, skin contaminants, and dead skin cells with a non-foaming formula and gentle exfoliation.   We recommend using it twice daily; once in the morning and again at night before applying your night creams.

Extracts from natural sources such as the Comfrey plant and Tamarind Seed give this exceptional Swiss formula a renowned reputation for not just cleansing the skin but also for significantly improving skin elasticity, hydration and smoothness. This revolutionary new cleanser is perfect for people who need quality skin care in as few steps as possible.

Tamarind Seed Extract has been found to exceed Hyaluronic Acid in laboratory tests for skin moisturization and decreasing fine line depth, for skin that appears smooth.  Tamarind Seed Extract is naturally rich in skin health boosting nutrients and has been found to include many important anti-aging factors including Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Sugar Enzymes, Citric Bitartrate and Collagen Fibers.

Proven to be hypoallergenic, the new Peau de Fleurs Cleanser helps to tighten the skin while delivering nutrition, aiding in hydration while leaving behind clean skin with a glowing and a youthful radiance.

Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free, Animal Testing Free. All GS Products have received the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence, FDA approval and are Dermatologist recommended.

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