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Skin is the largest organ in our bodies, so large it that adults carry some 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it.  In fact National Geographic goes on to say this: Skin acts as a waterproof, insulating shield, guarding the body against extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. It also exudes antibacterial substances that prevent infection and manufactures vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones. Skin additionally is a huge sensor packed with nerves for keeping the brain in touch with the outside world. At the same time, skin allows us free movement, proving itself an amazingly versatile organ.

So what do we do to keep such an important part of our bodies healthy & hydrated?  We feed it of course!  Continue reading “How to get healthy skin – Skinfood”


Doctors studying Cancer create a New All Natural Essential Oil Blend to alleviate many skin conditions

GS Products, who has brought the industry Gerda Spillmann, and Quintascent LLC will be working together to bring NovaMoist to the Beauty and Skin Care Industry. This All Natural product helps to eliminate dry skin and may help to alleviate many inflammatory skin conditions while soothing and moisturizing the skin.

Developed by two physicians, Dr. Carlton and Dr. Safra, and inspired by centuries-old Tibetan remedies, NovaMoist is a blend of 100% pure essential oils. Made of 8 essential oils, Lavender, Rose, Geranium, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Juniper, Fennel and Sesame Oil, this unique and all natural formulation is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and may provide rapid pain relief while restoring moisture to the skin.  NovaMoist contains no chemical additives, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or animal products; it is completely natural.

NovaMoist was created eight years ago when Dr. Robert M. Carlton, M.D., board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics joined forces with Dr. Tamar Safra, a medical oncologist on the faculty of University of Southern California. They were searching for a natural solution in bringing relief to skin discomfort experienced by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The doctors extensively reviewed the pathology of many of these skin problems. After completing their research, Dr. Carlton and Dr. Safra created a natural, safe and unique blend of natural essential oils that soothed, moisturized and brought immediate and sustained relief to the skin conditions they set out to alleviate.

With only one to two drops of NovaMoist applied to the skin, the natural oils can provide quick and long-lasting relief to many skin conditions, inflammatory problems and chronic skin issues.

May Benefit The Following Skin Conditions or Symptoms:

• Itching and Burning

• Pre and Post Menopausal Dry Skin

• Cuticles and Cracked Nail Beds

• Dry Elbows

• Cracked and Flaking Heels

• Parched and Cracked Lips

• Chemically Irritated Skin

• Face Peels

• Waxing

• Shaving

• Radiation Dermatitis

• Chemotherapy

• Eczema

• Rosacea

• Psoriasis

• Lupus redness

• Lichen sclerosis

• Stasis Dermatitis

NovaMoist is designed to be used for many skin conditions and on all parts of the body; because of this people have found relief literally from head-to-toe.  The synergistic blend of these natural essential oils forms a thin, smooth, non-greasy layer of moisture and protection, which is rapidly absorbed into your skin bringing sustained relief to skin discomfort and promoting healthy skin.

For most applications, one to two drops of NovaMoist is all that’s needed, three times a day for three weeks initially. To maintain beneficial results, NovaMoist should then be applied three times a week or as often as needed.

 Retail cost: $19.99 – .33oz

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National Psoriasis Month

August is National Psoriasis Month.  Psoriasis (sore-EYE-ah-sis) is a medical condition that occurs when skin cells grow very rapidly. The immune system sends bad signals to the body causing new skin cells to form in days rather than weeks. The body cannot shed these excess skin cells fast enough, causing compacted skin cells on the surface of the skin and allows sometimes painful lesions to form.

In the United States, nearly 7.5 million people have psoriasis and about 150,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.   Psoriasis is not contagious but may be transmitted to our offspring through genetics.

What skin care steps should you take if you have Psoriasis?  Moisture content is everything.  Hydrated and supple skin is less likely to outbreaks and may also be less painful when an outbreak occurs.  Dry skin may increase scaling, flaking and itching which will further aggravate the condition, and you!

When bathing soak in lukewarm bath water with Oatmeal for 20 minutes.  Oatmeal is a macrobiotic exfoliant that is still very gentle on irritated skin. Be careful not to rub or scratch the skin and pat dry with a towel.

Moisturizers with essential oils; high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients; and are also classified as hypo-allergenic are recommended.  Products with these ingredients will be less likely to cause additional irritation, redness or introduce particles that can cause infection.  When applying moisturizers do so with care – to avoid rubbing the skin causing lesions or sores.

Always Use Sun Block – use Physical Sun Block Protection instead of Chemical Sunscreens.

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