Madame Gerda Spillmann – 1st Lady of Swiss Skincare; Flashback Friday

We recently moved to a new office and during the move we rediscovered some amazing things from our 60+ years history in the Skincare Industry.  Today we are sharing with you part of Madame Spillmann’s story.

Madame Gerda Spillmann has been the undisputed first lady of Swiss skin care since 1944. The path to her prominence, however, has been a long and difficult one. Granted, the obstacles to any business’s success are many, even today those obstacles are multiplied for a woman.

Almost 70 years ago in Zürich, it was not only difficult but socially unacceptable for an enterprising young woman to start a business. It was, essentially against the law for a woman to own and operate a business. At that time a woman was required to have special permission from the Swiss government. Given the social norms of the time, such permission was rarely even sought, much less granted. Yet after many attempts, Madame Spillmann was finally allowed to bring the skin-care products she had long researched and developed to the marketplace.

Even after receiving official sanctions the problems for a woman doing business in Switzerland were inherent. Social scorn, the utter impossibility of credit, the historical and deeply ingrained prejudices against women in business would have spelled failure to a person with anything less than the forceful perseverance of Gerda Spillmann. Her determination, however, was born of adversity at an early age and by the time she decided to start a business, skin care had become her life. Her belief in her dream was unshakable.

Today you can find her line of pharmaceutical grade, natural skincare products and anti-aging Bio-Fond Foundation makeup at exclusive salons, spa, esthetician offices and even online at

1970 Madame Gerda Spillmann


Flashback Friday! Bio Fond Foundation, Hydro Pearls, Eyeliners and Cream Blush Articles

Twice Voted Foundation of the Year this Anti-Aging mineral cream-to-powder foundation make up has been the choice of professionals for the last 30 years.  100% Pharmaceutical grade ingredients allow the skin to breathe, helps to heal problem skin and will never clog your pores.  Designed to suit all skin types including sensitive and problem skin.  The velvety smooth feel is buildable allowing you to have a sheer or a full coverage application.  Helps to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, environmental irritants and pollutants.  Worn by the most famous faces in the world!  Our products have always been, and continue to be Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Animal Cruelty Free.

This week we have complied some of the best Blog Articles on these makeup items (on sale in April!) that we have published before.  Leave us a comment, Find us on Facebook or call us any time at 1.800.282.3223.  Of course you can order any of these amazing Swiss products 24/7 on our website too –

Happy Friday!

Bio Fond Foundation Makeup

Hydro Pearls


Cream Blush



5 Reasons why using Quality Skin Care is Important

Skin care has been around for a very long time, some say back even to the Egyptians, because we know that how we treat our skin is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.  The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has stated that using skin care products and having the knowledge of how to use them can deter many common skin problems, premature signs of aging and even skin cancer. Quality ingredients in your skin care products will help to build resiliency and promote healthy skin; while poor ingredients can dry your skin out, cause breakouts, and lead to long-term damage.

  1. Your skin is only as healthy as the products you apply.

While some popular products may have designer packaging and celebrity endorsements, it doesn’t mean that the ingredients are of any quality. Take time to consider the ingredients that are in the products you are applying to your skin.  There are two main types of ingredients found in skin care – Cosmetic Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade.  The latter of these two exceeds US quality standards and is also more highly refined, removing bacteria and impurities from the products.  Your skin will benefit, both short and long term, from using better ingredients.  Looking like a million bucks is worth the extra pennies it may cost you.

2. Your skin is your body’s largest organ

Your skin’s appearance is a gauge to your general health. Radiant and healthy complexion’s mirror the health of your body on the inside and reflects a healthy lifestyle.   Nourishing your skin with quality products is just as important as taking vitamins, drinking water and eating healthy foods.

3. Protection from damaging environmental agitators

Quality moisturizers and body products help to seal your skin, both retaining important moisture content and sealing out damaging particles and products that may be in the environment, like pollution, dust, even UVA and UVB rays.  Your skin is your defense system against foreign substances that can make you sick or cause irreversible damage to your body.  Skin is nourished and strengthened by the products you apply, make sure you are protecting this natural barrier and promoting healthy skin for your long-term health.

4. Help fight the looks of Aging

Moisture content is key to keeping your skin looking young, but more important, healthy.  Starting skin care at a young age helps to defy some of the aging effects on our skin.  However, it’s never too late to start!  Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, discoloration, dryness and problem skin, that can start as early as the late 20’s, can all be cared for with a dedicated skin care regiment.  Quality products will help to alleviate some of the concerns about aging while nourishing and restoring your skin’s vitality.

 5. How you feel about yourself and your appearance effects your quality of life

First impressions really do matter.  When you meet someone new, they will make their first judgment about you within a matter of seconds to minutes.  Skin care is important to help you give your very best first impression.  Your opinion of how you feel also projects onto others- if you are feeling great and looking good, your confidence will shine!

For more information or to purchase quality Swiss Skin Care Products visit Gerda Spillmann’s website.

GS is celebrating Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care and Cosmetics has always been environmentally friendly and we are so excited to tell you about how we are doing our part to keep mother earth clean.  All of our products are made with natural ingredients and with renewable resources wherever possible.  (Have you checked out the amazing qualities of the naturally grown and renewable plant, Swiss Edelweiss, in our Age Spot Reducer?!)

All of our products are packaged in environmentally friendly plastic that is biodegradable and recyclable!  Dyes used in our packaging (to make the beautiful red compact!) is a vegetable dye and completely earth kind!

In our offices we limit the use of the paper we have to print and any extra paper we have actually goes into a recycle pile that we turn into scraps for notes.  When we do have to go and purchase new paper we buy in bulk to limit the number of trips our office manager has to take to the store, and only buy recycled paper!  When we ship your packages we use as small a box as possible, made from post-consumer waste and include only biodegradable packing peanuts to keep your products safe and undamaged.

For questions or to check out the line of amazing Gerda Spillmann products visit us at:; become our friend on facebook; or follow us on twitter

Why Swiss Skin Care?

The Swiss are known for many things – exclusive private banks, delicious chocolate, towering snow-capped mountains, and their skincare products.  They are formidable experts when it comes to standards and performance.

All of our skin care products are Formulated AND Produced in Switzerland, a claim most can’t make.  The chemists at the Gerda Spillmann labs have mastered the technique of using ancient herbs, essential oils and timeless formulas while incorporating new ingredients and technology; giving the GS Line of products the highest quality and great performance.  Switzerland’s standards are higher than those standards found in the US, even under the FDA’s guidelines.  All products are produced in a clean room environment and only use 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients -for EVERY ingredient.  The GS Labs have met and exceeded all expectations of the Swiss Government who have rewarded us with the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence, ISO Certification and GSM Certification.   Every product is also tested and approved by the FDA here in the US and has never failed to meet any standard, of course that’s because our expectations are very high allowing us to provide you with only the best.

If you are ready to treat your skin the exceptional line of Gerda Spillmann products visit us at , email us at or call our customer service team with questions at 1.800.282.3223.

Welcome to Gerda Spillmann’s New Blog!

As we all know, how we treat our skin and our body is clearly evident in relation to our appearance.  Feed your skin with hypo-allergenic essential oils, vitamins and hydrating proteins that will help maintain healthy levels of moisture, control excess oil and conceal imperfections while maintaining the skin’s natural radiance and the results will show.  Women and men worldwide are seeing exceptional results from using products made with the Swiss Standard at GS. 

This blog is here to help us all learn a little bit more about better skincare, share make-up tips and photos, and introduce to you the exceptional Gerda Spillmann product line.  We look forward to your comments, photos and feedback!