3 ways to wear Biofond

Biofond Foundation Makeup is incredibly versatile and beautiful.  So what’s the best way to wear it?  Well, that depends on how much coverage you want.

For a light, barely there application we recommend using it like a tinted moisturizer or bb cream.  This kind of light coverage will help to give your complexion an even appearance that is ideal for a day when you’re confident in your skin, or if you’re going to the beach!  Using a dense foundation brush, like a kabuki, will give you beautiful, kissed makeup.  Apply it by sweeping large circles across the face in upward motions.  You can also make it more a tinted moisturizer by using this method with a silicone free primer:

Tinted Moisturizer Picture Tutorial

For a little more coverage but without being full coverage, we recommend applying Biofond Makeup with a slightly damp sponge.  A low-density, flocked, latex-free sponge comes with every Biofond Compact; in both Deluxe and Petite sizes.  Using a sponge gently pat and apply the makeup following the natural contours of your face and blending down the neck.


Biofond is a cream-to-powder foundation so using a sponge allows the moisture base to hydrate the skin and finishes with a soft powdery look that lasts all day. A sponge application is the most common way to apply the Biofond for a flawless, streak free finish.

You can use other types of sponges, just make sure they are hypo-allergenic, dye-free and anti-microbial.

A full-coverage foundation application is really easy – and looks beautiful everyday or for special occasions.  Biofond Makeup is a buildable foundation allowing a full coverage application all over, or just in areas or spots of concern.  Using your dry sponge, gently pat the Biofond all over then re-apply allover or in areas of concern.  Some do use their fingers or small brushes to get around the nose or corners of the eyes.  Follow using the Translucent Finishing Powder in a loose powder brush or with a soft, powder applicator.


Biofond comes in 24 different colors including blush, highlighter and correctors.  Find your perfect match here or by calling us at 1-800-282-3223.


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