Minimal Bridal Makeup

Here comes the Bride! It’s that season again, the flowers and love are blooming everywhere it seems!  This year the minimal makeup look is on trend in the bridal scene, here are a few ideas on how to make it work for you – as a bride or a guest. Continue reading “Minimal Bridal Makeup”


New Biofond Makeup Color – Sahara

We are so excited to announce we have added a new color to our Biofond Foundation Makeup Collection.  There are now a total of 24 color options varying from pale to dark.

BioFond Color Collection 2014 New Colors

Sahara – the newest color to the Biofond Foundation Makeup family is a medium-dark color with complimentary warm undertones. 

Sahara dlx cropped

Biofond Foundation Makeup is a blend-able, breathable and good for the skin!
With botanical based ingredients carefully extracted in Swiss labs, Biofond can help to heal problem skin and will never clog your pores, because it was designed as a skincare protector, not a makeup product. Biofond is for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin.  All Biofond Foundation Makeup colors are crafted from pharmaceutical grade ingredients, formulated with the highest European standards and exceed even the FDA requirements.

Sahara Swatch

The velvety smooth feel is buildable allowing you to have a sheer or a full coverage application. Physical sun block protection helps to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, environmental irritants and pollutants.

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Bio-Blends Palettes for Makeup Artists and Salon Professionals

New Bio-Blends Palettes offer Bio-Fond Foundation solution for Makeup Artists & Salon Professionals

GS Products, home of Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skincare & Cosmetics, is thrilled to introduce the new Bio-Blends Palettes. A customizable and practical approach for make-up artists who use Bio-Fond Foundation in their kits. Now makeup artists and professionals can have an easy to use solution for makeovers, not only on set or in the salon, but anywhere!

Bio-Blends Palette GSBio-Fond Foundation makeup has been a staple not only in Hollywood but worldwide. Our 70 year history has allowed us to develop a formula that is not only beautiful, but good for you. This amazing skincare makeup is pharmaceutical grade, animal cruelty free and offers physical sun protection – all while being high definition ready. Available in 20 colors plus blush, concealers and contouring.

The Bio-Blends Palettes are sleek and compact, a slim 8” L x 5” W, by 0.5” D that will fit into anyone’s makeup kit. Individual pans are 9grams and each Bio-Blends Palette will fit 6 colors. GS Products has no minimum order requirements, making it convenient to purchase not only the most popular colors but the hard to match skin tones as well.Bio-Blends Palette Upclose INTRO

The individual Bio-Fond Foundation Pans magnetically attach to the bottom of the Bio-Blends Palette ensuring that they will stay safely in place while being stored and while traveling. The lid of the palette folds completely behind the base allowing for easy access and grip. When closed, the lid magnetically snaps shut providing assurance that the product remains protected.

Bio-Blends Palettes are a Professional Only product and will not be sold to the general public. To order your Bio-Blends Palette call us at 1-800-282-3223 or if you have questions send us an email at

2 New Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup Colors

2 New Bio-Fond Colors – Sand and Caramel

We are so excited to announce that we have added two new beautiful colors to our Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup color collection.  We now have 20 amazing tones to choose from!  Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup has been the go-to choice for Hollywood Makeup Artists, Salon Professionals, Dermatologists and those in the know for the last 70 years.  If you haven’t yet tried Bio-Fond Foundation, now is the time. 

 Sand is similar to the color Weekend but has a warm, slightly golden undertone.  May also work great as a concealer for warm skin tones.

 Caramel is a beautiful medium, neutral undertone between colors Limelight and Top Chic.  Sure to be a new favorite!

Biofond Swatches

Voted Foundation of the Year! Mineral cream-to-powder foundation makeup that is designed as skin care protection, not just makeup.

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients allow the skin to breathe, helps to heal problem skin and will never clog your pores.  Designed to suit all skin types including sensitive and problem skin.  The velvety smooth feel is buildable allowing you to have a sheer or a full coverage application.  Helps to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, environmental irritants and pollutants.  Worn by the most famous faces in the world!

Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Animal Cruelty Free.

You can order yours at, find a salon closest to you at Find GS, or call us toll free 1-800-282-3223.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

To find out more about how to discover your undertones, check out this post.  You can also discover our concealers and color correctors here

Thanks to our friend Makeup Artist Lisa at Relik Salon who was our beautiful arm model today.  Read about her amazing photo shoots and professional tips on her blog.

 BioFond Color Collection 2014

Movie set makeup by Independent Artist Copper Perry

Copper Perry is a talented make-up artist that has worked on many movie sets including The Lone Ranger, The Last Stand, Banshee Chapter, and Jackie.  She’s also worked on TV Sets including Overlook, NM; The Tin Star; and Enter the Dojo.


“This is a picture of David House, actor from the movie Persecuted currently filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup by Gerda Spillmann is my makeup of choice and the color Light Ebony works great on Mr. House’s skin and in this dry climate… We love it!! Thank you Gerda Spillmann.” -Copper Perry


For more behind the scenes action Copper has shared with us a few pictures of the Makeup Trailer she’s currently working in on the set of Persecuted.  Check out this new movie on IMDB here.

“When on the set of Lone Ranger I used Bio-Fond Foundation for extras; even as tattoo cover under the eyes on one gal on in pinch since it so creamy!! And super dry here in New Mexico. It worked nicely. I truly do love this product!!”

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18 Beautiful Shades of Bio Fond Foundation

“Glamour  is about feeling good in your own skin.” -Zoe  Saldana

With 18 different shades Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care & Cosmetics has the best cream-to-powder foundation makeup.  Ever.  100% Pharmaceutical Grade, natural emollients, clay based colors (no dyes) and Titanium Dioxide for SPF protection.  Simply put, this is the best foundation, high-definition or otherwise, for everyone.

Shades of Beautiful Chart

“Go On” and discover this Makeup Artists favorite foundation

Do you love Matthew Perry as much as we do?  We were so excited to hear from Kymber, the makeup artist on his new show.  Kymber Blake, Professional Makeup Artist for the new hit ‘Go On’ aired on NBC, recently shared with us her testimony and love for the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup.

Kymber is a talented and favorite makeup of the stars in Hollywood.  She has a natural ability to make the stars skin look as if it is perfect on very demanding High Definition for both the TV and Movies.  Kymber’s impressive resume includes hits such as Dream Girls, The Mentalist, Harold & Kumar Christmas and Hawthorne.  To read more about Kymber’s successes check this out.

Gerda Spillmann Bio-Fond foundation is a must-have staple for professional makeup artists. Even when used in a sheer application gives skin a creamy perfection for high-definition shows. When given acne damaged skin, Retin-A haggered– a must! Layered on in a thicker application you will not believe how the camera reads the skin as perfect! We have used Bio-Fond for many of our Makeups first season.

Kymber Blake

Makeup Dept. Head, NBC’s ‘Go On’

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