3 ways to wear Biofond

Biofond Foundation Makeup is incredibly versatile and beautiful.  So what’s the best way to wear it?  Well, that depends on how much coverage you want.

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Creamy Anti-Aging Eye Concealer

Do you love creamy eye concealer?  Do you love Biofond?  Did you know there is an easy way to create a creamy anti-aging eye concealer that will not only help to conceal uneven skintone, dark circles and hyper-pigmentation but will also work to fight signs of fine lines and wrinkles?

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5 Liquid Eyeliner Tips

In the perfect mash-up of two events, the introduction of the new Bio-Blends Liquid Eyeliner Pen & Valentine’s Day, we thought maybe a list of the BEST eyeliner tips was in order.

Tip #1: Style– Style has so much to do with your personality but also the event, clothes and message you are looking for.  The heavier the application, the more dramatic the effect!

bioblends liquid eyeliner styles

Tip #2 Angle of Application – A direct, straight on approach will give you the most even, consistent finish.  Tipping the liner so that the smallest end faces the inside corner of your eye will yield the “winged” accent.  Apply on an angle from above the eye to get the line as close to your lashes as possible to avoid a gap.

Tip #3 Don’t be Afraid – Eyeliner can smell fear.  Just Kidding.  But really don’t be afraid to experiment, double over your line or even to start over.  Experience and practice are key!

Tip #4  Use a Primer – Using a silicone free primer, ideal for sensitive skin, is recommended because it will help your eyeliner stay in place, last longer and help to prevent any fading or flaking of your eye makeup.  This one made with glacial water is ideal for everyone!

Tip #5 – Remove it All –  At the end of the day, remove your makeup.  The pores and follicles around the eye area are sensitive and the thinner skin is prone to staining, stretching and damage.  Use a gentle makeup remover and then thoroughly wash your face.

Get your own Bio-Blends Liquid Eyeliner and show us your very best Liquid Eyeliner looks!


Do I have a Cool or Warm skintone

Matching your skin’s undertone is the first and most crucial step to finding the right makeup for you.  But what is an undertone and how do you tell?  The undertone in your skin remains consistent throughout your life, it’s the most basic tone of your skin’s cells.  The outermost layers of our skin may change over time however, with age, sun, spray tans, etc.

Multi-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.


That means that during the summer you may be a medium-warm (semi-tan & yellow undertone) and then during the summer your skin appears more fair-warm (not so tan/yellow undertone).

What are the undertones?

Cool – skin has a faint pink or red tinge

Neutral – neither pink/red or yellow/gold (not as common)

Warm- skin has a yellow, gold or peach hue

So how do you tell if you are warm, cool or neutral?  In three steps we will help you determine just that!


1. What color are your veins?

Blue -Purple veins indicate that you have a COOL undertone

Blue-Green veins would suggest you have a NEUTRAL undertone

Green-Olive veins is typically in WARM undertones

2. What jewelry seems to compliment your skin better?

Silver jewelry tends to look best on COOL undertones

Gold jewelry favors those with the WARM undertone

If you can pull of both silver & gold you may have a NEUTRAL undertone

3. Match the overall color of your skin

There are 3 parts of the body you have to think about: the face, the neck, and the décolletage.  It’s generally suggested to match the color on your neck or décolletage since it will often be a more true match.  You never want your face to be lighter or darker then your neck, that’s unnatural looking.

One more tip…. While looking at your skin and makeup do it only in natural light.  Florescent lights cast a yellow hue and some LED lights cast a red hue, sunshine is the best light to view your undertone.

Need a new foundation now that you know your undertone?  We have a great suggestion – Biofond Foundation Makeup.  Over 21 colors with all undertones from fair to dark!



5 tips for perfect Eyeliner

Eyeliner is amazing.  It can help take any makeup look from drab to fab!  Here are 5 tips for making sure you’re eye makeup is always perfect!

1.Use a Quality Eyeliner

It should go without saying that applying anything around the eye areas that is old, dated, or full of bacteria is strictly forbidden!  This should apply to the ingredients in your eyeliner as well.  Carefully check the ingredients list to make sure the ingredients are of the highest quality and good for your skin.

2. Don’t be afraid of Heat or the Cold

Is your kohl eyeliner tough and not gliding across the skin?  Blast it with heat from your blow dryer for 3-5 seconds.  Works like magic every time.  On the flip side if your pencil is crumbly and messy, throw it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to reform the whole pencil then blast the tip with heat and voila, you’re back in business!

3. #’s are for more than social media

Get the perfect smoky eye by drawing hashtags on the outer corners of your eyelids and blending it with a small sponge, strokes from the middle to the outside of the eye.  Keep drawing hashtags and smudging it out to get a darker, more sultry look.

hashtag eyeliner

4. Set your eyeliner with a matching powder

Absorb any of the moisture on the eyelids with a setting powder or pigment the same shade as your eyeliner, this will help your eyeliner last all day, and all night long.

5.  Apply Eyeliner with your Curler

Yes, that’s right.  Apply your kohl eyeliner to the inside of the lash curler, where your eyeliner would normally fall on the skin when you place your lash curler – two steps in one! eye curl

Best Eyeshadow Base for lasting color all day!

Secret Makeup Artist trick for long-lasting eye shadow and liner?   One that is good for your skin, gentle and botanical based?

Peau de Fleurs Tonic is the answer!  This Alcohol-Free toner is made with Oak Root Extract and Witch Hazel which helps to keep the skin from drying out and allows for a flawless, beautiful application of pressed or loose eye shadows.

PDF Tonic with eyesdw

Step 1 – Create a base with your Bio-Fond Makeup by applying all over the eyelid.

Step 2 – Using a clean brush, gently add just 1-2 drops of Peau de Fleurs Tonic to the bristles.  Shake off any excess.

Step 3 – Gently swipe the damp bristles through pressed powder, or dip lightly into loose powder.

Step 4 – Apply the shadow to the eyelids in even motions and allow to dry.  Apply additional layer for deep, rich tones.  Follow with your favorite Bio-Blends Eyeliner pencil to complete your eye look.

*Tip: Use a thin, small brush to create an eye-popping liner in your favorite shade of eye shadow for a real wow factor!

PDF Tonic shadow

Peau de Fleurs Tonic is a wonderful addition to your skin care routine (not just your makeup routine!).  This gentle, alcohol-free tonic when used after cleansing may help to tone and tighten the skin, aids in removing of any excess oils and leaves even the most sensitive skin feeling refreshed and clean!

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3 products + 5 minutes = easy, beautiful summer glow!

It’s finally summer time! If you’re like me you can’t wait to get outside everyday and bathe in the warm rays of the sun!  Of course while I’m soaking up all that Vitamin D I do not want to actually risk burning or tanning my skin.  In just 5 minutes I can apply my make-up for the day, don’t have to worry about touching up or make-up runoff.

The three products you need:

  1. Hydro Pearls Moisturizing Primer
  2. Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup (pick your shade from 20 here)
  3. Bio-Fond Bronze Special Petite

Bio-Fond Foundation make-up is a huge time saver!  Not only does it help to give your skin a flawless, even appearance but it has physical sun block protection in it.

Follow these quick, easy steps for a beautiful summer glow!

  1. Apply Hydro Pearls all over the face & neck.  You can use a sponge but I prefer to use my (clean) hands. Wait for this to totally absorb, about 1 minute.
  2. Using a brush (mine’s a small kabuki), tap the brush into your Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup and apply to your skin in small circles, blending outwards.  Start in the middle and work towards your hair-line.  Apply small dabs and blend for extra under-eye concealment.
  3. Using a bronzing brush, tap into the Bronze Special Petite compact and light apply in short, upward motions across the highest points of your face (nose, cheek bones, chin and/or forehead).
  4. Follow-up with your favorite eye products and a clear lip gloss.

Bio-Fond Deluxe

Ta-Da, you’re done! For more information about the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup visit our website, or read more about it here.  Find out more about our silicone-free make-up primer, Hydro Pearls, here.  You can join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Should I wear a makeup primer?

Make-up primer is ideal for most skin types; primer helps your makeup application last longer and remain natural looking.  Preferably use a water based primer which will work naturally with your skin; Silicone primers sit on top of the skin and can cause irritation, prevent the skin from breathing, and trap dangerous bacteria.Hydro_Pearls

GS has brought to the you the Hydro Pearls Makeup Primer which is ideal for all skin types – including problematic and sensitive skin.  Hydro Pearls is a light weight, fast absorbing, non-greasy, pharmaceutical grade formula that helps to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines while giving the skin a more flawless canvas upon which to apply your make-up.  This water based formula is not just a primer, but also protects the skin from environmental irritants and replaces day-to-day moisture loss.

Formulated with the highest quality 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients including Wheat Germ Extract (helps to heal the skin with Vit D and E), Rice Germ Extract (aids the skin in absorbing and maintaining moisture), and Azulene (extract from Chamomile).  “Azulene exhibits dramatic anti-inflammatory effects and showed significant antioxidant protection.  It may also…help to prevent skin blemishes from developing and will help stop deterioration of skin cells that leads to wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.” – Barbara Griggs, author of “The Green Witch – A Modern Woman’s Herbal” and Green Pharmacy.

Makeup artists coast-to-coast and around-the-world use the Hydro Pearls to give instant radiance and healthy glow to their clients skin.  Hydro Pearls is ideal for you to use every day but is so exceptional that it is used on High Definition tv and movie sets as well.

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2 New Eyeliner Pencils

We are so excited to share with you some great news!  This week we have added not just 1 but 2 new Eyeliner Colors to our Bio Blends Collection of Retractable Eyeliner Pencils.

Gold Shimmer & Penny

Gold Shimmer is a beautiful metallic shade without any glitter, making it appropriate for any age and really helps to add a striking pop to your eye makeup.  Gold can be used to accentuate any color eyes but used with dark brown, brown and dark blue eyes, this color will really stand out.

Penny is a deep copper color that is dramatic and stunning.  The depth of this color can easily work for both your conservative office look and your vavoom style for going out.  This beautiful new shade will compliment blue, green or hazel eyes best.

Bio Blends Eyeliner Color Swatch

Be sure to check out all 8 of the Bio Blends Eyeliner Pencils from Gerda Spillmann.  These are formulated with a distinctive combination of ingredients, including natural Beeswax which was chosen for the natural soothing and emulsifying properties it has on the delicate skin around the eyes.  Beeswax is an eco-friendly and sustainable resource, an important factor for Gerda Spillmann and Bio-Blends when choosing ingredients.  Using only the best quality, highly purified Beeswax ensures that the irritation potential is zero, making it ideal for all skin types.

With natural long-lasting staying power, pigment rich colors and creamy texture without flaking or fading, you will be happy with the beautiful definition they give.  Bio-Blends Eyeliner pencils are non-comedogenic, not animal tested and encased in environmentally friendly, recyclable plastic.

Tell us in the comments what other colors you are wishing for to help us decide the next colors to add.  Then become our Friend on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.  To order your Bio Blends Eyeliner Pencils visit our website, call us at 1.800.282.3223 or send us an email: Info *at* GSskincare.com.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


How to choose Warm or Cool for your Foundation Make up

Bio-Fond Foundation Warm or Cool Color Breakdown

All skin tones fall into 1 of 2 categories – Warm or Cool.  To determine which category consider these general guidelines:

  • Cool skin will have Pink or Blue undertones; veins appear blue in your skin
  • Warm skin will have Yellow undertones; veins appear green in your skin
  • Cool skin looks best with silver or platinum accessories
  • Warm skin looks best with gold accessories


Cool or Pink Undertones






Top Chic*

Après Ski

Bronze Special





Yellow Undertones


Alpen Glow


Light Ebony


Color Correctors



 *Top Chic is considered by many top makeup artists to be extremely versatile like a neutral; and is used on many famous faces.

    BioFond Color Collection 2011

Tips when trying foundation colors:

  1. Test the foundation color on your jawline, not your wrist or hand
  2. Stand in or near natural light from a doorway or window to see if the color matches
  3. Take a sweater, cardigan or shawl with you so you can hold up different material colors near your skin, to make sure your foundation matches no matter what you’re wearing.

You can order samples of the Bio-Fond Foundation by calling us at 1.800.282.3223.  For more information on the Bio-Fond Foundation Cream-to-Powder Makeup read this.